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Codesa, is a third generation familiar company, located on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea, in the fishing village of Laredo – Cantabria, where we produce for more than 30 years now, our select anchovies from the SPRING Campaign. Our commitment to Craftsmanship and Tradition, led us to be recognized in the quality market, to be selected by the Royal Academy of Spanish Gastronomy, also by the Repsol Guide of Food and Beverage (2015-2016), to achieve the award for the Best European Artisan Producer (2013) at the XI European Congress of the European Oenogastronomic Brotherwoods Council (Hungary) and to receive the three stars, at the iTQi Awards (2014) that took place in Brussels, with more than 120 sommeliers and international Chefs with Michelin Stars. Our factory has modern facilities with the best verification systems and quality controls, according to the standards required by the EC and the BRC certification (British Retail Consortium Global Standard) and the IFS (International Food Standard), both qualified with the highest level – they certainly are, the most strict and constrained standards. To get these results, we only use the captures form the Cantabrian Sea during the Spring Campaign, when the Bocarte / Boquerón, reaches its maximum quality to be put in brine. We capture big sizes at the dawn by purse seining – the most selective, ecological and traditional fishing method. Afterwards, we proceed to the heading with care and accommodate them in barrels in between layers of salt, where the anchovies remain to mature during 365 days – which is the time that takes the maturation process. After this large process the fresh Bocarte / Boquerón, turns into an Anchovy. It´s cleaned by hand, strocked with a fishing net to remove the skin, the salt and filleted by separating both loins from the central spine and getting delightful anchovy filets. This process is completely handmade artisanal, made by the expert hands of our “fileteras from Cantabria”. This way, we insure the control of the product where the quality prevails over quantity under the seal - Controlled Quality “ANCHOAS DE CANTABRIA” - from the Regional Government of Cantabria, that garantees 100%, the origin of the capture from the Cantabric Sea and also Produced a 100% in Canta-bria. The result is a clean, meaty, tender, (but not soft), smooth anchovy, with a texture and a distinctive bouquet that repeats only in the “memory of our taste” and which reminds us of what we might define as “the Ham of the Sea”!

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