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15 Hollow Furlong
OX29 4ET
Tel. 44 7890 59 22 39


United Kingdom

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Young In Spirit is the world’s first alcoholic drinks company which combines spirits with pure collagen, with the first product being CollaGin.

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CollaGin is the world's first gin distilled with pure collagen, and has caused a media frenzy worldwide since its launch in March 2017. With an elegant and refined taste, this unique recipe has ...

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Jul 18, 2017

Launch release

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Two women set to take over the gin AND beauty world with ‘CollaGin’, a gin distilled with pure collagen
This is not a drill

Two entrepreneurial women from Oxfordshire are about to take the drinks industry by storm.

Camilla Brown, 30, and Liz Beswick, 29, are introducing the world's first gin range distilled with pure collagen to UK shores, aptly named: CollaGin. 

The innovative drink is described as the “The Elixir of Youth, combining the worlds of gin and beauty to create a premium spirit for the beauty conscious drinker.” Sold.

With collagen becoming a popular addition to Britain’s beauty regime, and gin sales at an all-time high, the creative twosome decided to combine the two and launch Young In Spirit, which will see a range of collagen distilled products hitting the market. But the journey from creative idea to actual product has not been easy.

“We said ‘yes’ to turning our dream into reality and didn’t think how we were going to actually do it until after our rollercoaster journey started.” Comments Co-Founder and beauty fanatic Liz Beswick.

She continues: “But if we had really thought it all through before starting then the overwhelming reality might have stopped us in our tracks and we wouldn’t have achieved what we have done so far.”

“To make this happen, I found myself doing meetings at 5am, writing to do lists and emails to suppliers whilst on the cross trainer in the gym and have sacrificed my social life for ‘Ginmin’. But seeing our creation in my hands makes it all worth it.”

The smooth and unique tasting gin is blended with skin refreshing botanicals including angelica root, pink grapefruit and star anise which perfectly complements the effects of the collagen whilst not compromising on the quality the taste the ‘gintrepreneurs’ have worked tirelessly on perfecting.

Drinks expert and Co-Founder Camilla Brown adds: “Working at all hours is worth it when you truly believe you are working on something special. This belief is reinforced when social media goes crazy when we post images, when people invite us to speak at events on female independence and when you overhear strangers discussing your baby.”

“I’ve learnt that the key to a successful partnership is finding someone who compliments your skills. On top of this, mine and Liz’s personalities work in sync together – when she is lacking morale or feeling overwhelmed I lift her up and vice versa.

“Passion, motivation, ambition and being nice to people is key to making a business work, especially in an industry typically dominated by men with a different attitude to business.

“We are proof that if you put your mind to something you really can do anything. And surround yourself with good people who support you and want to be a part of a life changing journey. Having the wrong support squad around you will get you nowhere.”

CollaGin is available to buy at www.collagin.co.uk for £34.99.


Notes to Editors

About Young In Spirit

CollaGin is the world’s first gin range distilled with pure collagen. It has been created, and is owned, by exciting new UK drinks company Young In Spirit which distills spirits with edible collagen – a new drinks venture set up by Oxford based gintrepreneurs Liz Beswick and Camilla Brown.

Follow the gintrepreneurs story on Facebook @CollaginUK, Instagram @collaginuk and Twitter @collagin.

For more details visit www.collagin.co.uk

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