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Mangajo Drinks Company
Home Farm
Hayes End Road
Tel. 0044 208 8135 005
Fax 0044 2088136678


United Kingdom

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MangaJo's real brewed iced tea drinks have no added sugars or sweeteners, with antioxidants and made with natural ingredients. No artificial colours or preservatives, naturally colourful and fresh.

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Iced Tea/Coffee/Infusions | Health & Wellness | Fruit Drinks | Free From – Artificial Ingredients | Free From – Added Sugar | Own Label | Other Soft Drinks

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Aug 1, 2016

Get your fresh on...

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Mangajo’s real brewed iced tea drinks contain no artificial flavourings, preservatives, sweeteners or colouring and are absolutely packed with antioxidants.

Think this sounds like a recipe for insipid worthiness?

Best have a rethink …

Mangajo’s flavoursome, fruity range is refreshing and thirst-quenching enough without any little chemical helpers. Naturally sweet fruit - pomegranate, goji-berry or acai – paired with real-brewed taste and green tea antioxidants is crisp and refreshing in its own right, but a perfect match, too, for sushi, katsu and noodles.

Which is one of the reasons why, this summer, our 250ml, 330ml and 750ml sizes are to be found in greater numbers than ever before in the likes of Waitrose, Sainsbury’s Sushi Deli, Wholefoods, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and YouMeSushi (as well as in must-try samples at the season’s most essential foodie festivals).

The combo could hardly suit the season better: fresh, clean, protein-rich food complemented by Mangajo’s crisp and naturally-sweet fruitiness. Sounds like an unbeatable way to treat your body to a double-dose of the good stuff, and your taste-buds to a summer-rich spectrum: a fuller flavour-palette for a gloom-accustomed palate.

When it feels like everyone’s trying hard to make their drinks sound like something they’re not, Mangajo’s just happy to say exactly what its are like: delicious, fresh, sugarlessly sweet and chockful of the good stuff.

No time like the summer for getting your fresh on …

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