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Retired Dairy Cows. Following a four-year dairy cycle our cows retire and naturally grow fat. Simmental or Holstein Friesian cattle are most commonly sourced from Germany, Poland and the Netherlands. This type of beef originated in the Basque Country and is often referred to as the “Basque Cider House Steak” after a tradition of Basque farmers exchanging beef for cider in the cider houses. The distinctive character of the beef is a deep rich flavour, which is provided by the age of the cow at slaughter, when they are at least eight years old. This is unique as most beef cattle (Angus, Wagyu, USDA and many other top breeds) are slaughtered at the age of two or three. The additional age results in higher marbling giving a deeper flavour and very tender beef. In Japan, beef quality is referenced to the marbling content, which is graded on a Beef Marbling Score (Japanese Meat Grading Association) of No. 1 – 12, with No. 1 having practically no marbling to No. 12 being completely white with marbling. In Japan, for beef cuts to be considered of ‘Kobe’ quality, they must exhibit a BMS of 5 or higher. Studies have indicated that Angus beef averages a BMS of 2 but cannot achieve a BMS greater than 5. Our supplier’s premium selection can achieve a BMS of 10. The high marbling is supported by the deep red colour of the beef and a distinctive thick yellow fat. The beef is imported on a weekly basis directly from Galicia and Tolosa. It is stored in London for daily delivery. Orders placed by 1pm are guaranteed for next day delivery - Monday to Friday. The beef can be delivered fresh or dry aged based on the requirements of the client. We have no minimum order.

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Basque Cider House Steak

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