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320 City Road
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United Kingdom

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teatime brings you gourmet whole-bud and whole-leaf tea. We blend only all-natural teas to keep you going, that are:
trace-to-zero caffeine

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Tea sachets

Our individually wrapped sachets contain everything you need to enjoy the ultimate mini tea ceremony wherever you are- be it at home or at your desk. Just add hot water! Each box contains 8 sa...

Loose leaf tea

Whole buds and whole leaf tea Tea Blend Attributes: ✔ Chemical free✔ Perfume free✔ Caffeine free✔ Vegetarian✔ Vegan✔ Wheat free✔ Gluten free✔ Dairy free✔ Soya free✔ Nut free✔ No artificial colours

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Tea | Herbal/Fruit Infusions | Health & Wellness | Free From – Artificial Ingredients | Free From – Gluten | Free From – Lactose and/or Dairy | Free From – Nuts | Free From – Added Sugar | Free From - Other

Press Releases:

Jun 18, 2017

Introducing teatime: a new brand of all-natural gourmet tea

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teatime is a new brand of all-natural, perfume and chemical-free gourmet herbal tea blends with trace-to-zero caffeine, for health-conscious consumers. With teatime, there is a blend for every occasion. Whether as a post-workout detoxifier, an early morning pick-me-up or a digestion-easing palette cleanser, the blends are created to provide a range of benefits based on longstanding medical practices and scientific research.

Mass-produced teas are comprised of leftover stalks and bark of tea, producing a black, dust-like powder with each brew. teatime blends are made of whole flower buds and leaves, resulting in a fresh taste, full of depth and flavour, and as there is nothing but all natural ingredients, each blend can be brewed at least twice. All ingredients are sourced in key tea hubs around the world and include superfoods such as goji berries, blueberries, ginseng and ginger. All the blends are 100% natural and "organic", with varying nourishing properties: detox cleanse; re-energize; calm and soothe or immunity boost.

teatime delivers gourmet healthy herbal tea blends straight to your door and also supplies luxury hotels including Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park and La Suite West, London.

teatime is launching with core blends, including:

Tummy Tonic with whole mint, fennel seeds and senna leaf. A natural detoxifying tea that works wonders for digestion after a meal
Revitazest with lemongrass, orange zest, and dried ginger. A powerful concoction of nature’s antibacterial healers to aid digestion and revitalise
Four Beautea with whole rose bud, jasmine flower, osmanthus flower, chrysanthemum and red date. Achieves clarity for the complexion that is delicate yet effective
Lemmune Superboost with silver needle white tea, lemongrass and whole goji berries. Great for boosting the immune system and balancing blood-sugar levels
Berry Berry Brainy with dried blueberries, whole goji berries and silver needle tea
Jasmine Pearl Zen with premium jasmine pearl tea and whole jasmine flower buds. Fragrant and delicate, not overpowering. Soothes and calms the mind
Iron Brew with premium Tie Guan Yin leaf, red honey dates and dried ginseng. Premium Tie Guan Yin (also known as the Iron Goddess) works wonderfully with potent ginseng to energise and strengthen
Popcorn Pep with roasted rice grains and Sencha. This nutty and fragrant Japanese blend is a perfect ‘pick-me-up’ throughout the day and especially good with, such as sushi
For more information regarding each of the teas and to speak with our founder, please contact marketing@myteatime.co.uk

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