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Zotter Chocolate
PO Box 4453
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United Kingdom

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Multi award winning chocolate maker - from bean to bar. Over 400 varieties, all Organic, Fairtrade and delicious too! Come and see us on stand 3340 and decide for yourselves.

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Labooko - Bean-to-Bar Single Origin Chocolate

Each single origin chocolate bar contains noble and rare cocoa beans from the best cocoa growing regions in the world. Each variety of cocoa has its own flavour profile, which we aim to tease out. ...

Hand-Scooped Chocolate

Josef Zotter invented the Hand-Scooped chocolate, constructed in layers by hand. The word "scooped" also represents the innovation and creativity inherent in Hand-Scooped chocolate bars. A mast...

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Hot Chocolate | Dark Chocolate | Milk Chocolate | Truffles | White Chocolate | Other Chocolate | Fairtrade | Organic | Single Origin | Gift Packs | Bars | Pralines

Zotter - World's Best
Variety, Quality, Creativity & Sustainability
Press Releases:

Jul 26, 2017

Happy Anniversary - Zotter turns 30

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Happy Anniversary – Zotter turns 30

In 1987, we opened our first Zotter confectionery shop in Graz, Austria, I married my wife and we had our daughter Julia. This was the eventful start of our family business. Now we are celebrating 30 years full of ideas, creativity, some failures but also lots of successes. In this this years range, you will find the best things from 30 years of Zotter, all our new products, all kinds of crazy innovations and more than 400 chocolates, all organic and fairtrade.

30 years of Zotter in a nutshell

When Josef Zotter worked as a chef, he travelled around the world from Europe to the US. Then he met his wife Ulrike and decided to start his own business. In 1987, the first Zotter confectionery shop in Graz, Austria opened, and this marked the beginning of the family business. That same year, Josef and Ulrike's daughter Julia was born, one year later their son Michael and several years after that, their daughter Valerie.

As a pastry chef, he created unusual no-icing cakes composed of up to ten different flavours. In 1992, he invented - by accident - his now signature hand-scooped chocolates. He had been working on an order which proved too big for his three casting moulds, so practically overnight, he created the hand-scooping method and brushed the fillings onto long tables bordered with curtain rails he quickly bought at a hardware store.

The idea of making differently flavoured chocolates with delicious centres without using moulds turned out to be a minor miracle. But being young and successful isn't always the best combination. In 1996, Zotter had to file for bankruptcy. He had nothing left except his vision and an iron will to continue. Josef and Ulrike packed up the remaining chocolate-making equipment and moved into an abandoned stable at his parents' house.

During the week, they baked cakes and on the weekend, they made chocolate. „Uli, my wife, thought I should make a decision and either focus on cakes or on chocolates. And so in 1999, we opened the first chocolate manufactory in Bergl". Even though there were no drop-in customers to speak of because Bergl is a village lacking in footpaths, there was the occasional visitor who made it to the house to buy chocolate. "We sold the first chocolate bars directly out of our ground floor window. And then my mother came up with the idea of a shop. She put on her apron, grabbed a table and a cash register, set herself up in the hallway and started selling chocolate. At the time, this was a proper start-up story!" More and more people knocked on our door, Meinl am Graben, the famous Vienna gourmet food store, started calling, and all of a sudden everyone wanted to buy hand-scooped chocolates. „In 2002, we were able to invest more money and expand the manufactory, buy modern equipment and even build our Running Chocolate station for visitors, which is like running sushi but instead serving chocolate bites. People loved it and the fact that they could watch us work and see how chocolate is made.”

Josef Zotter started getting interested in cocoa production as well. In 2011, he began travelling to cocoa growing regions in order to meet cocoa farmers. "Flavour starts with the cocoa farmer, he is the most important person in the chocolate business", explains Josef Zotter. Since 2004, Josef Zotter has been a licensed partner of Fairtrade and acquires all of his cocoa, sugar, coffee and even spices on the fair trade market. „You can't taste fair trade, but as a producer and just as a human being, I have a responsibility towards the farmers' working conditions. Don't count your chickens before they are hatched! I believe trade is only possible on an even playing field!" Zotter also subsequently switched to organic ingredients. „Using only organic ingredients was always our goal, but we had to find 200 organic products to use first. In 2006, we had them all, from hazelnuts to whisky, all organic", Zotter remembers.

In 2007, Zotter liquidated all of his assets and invested everything into bean to bar production. This change meant the entire production chain was now under one roof. Zotter loves doing everything himself every step of the way but at the same time allowing himself a lot of creative space. The flavour and product range exploded, many new products followed - like Labooko, single origin chocolates as well as colourful fruit bars and couvertures. In 2007, Zotter built the popular Chocolate Theatre, a completely transparent bean to bar production house, so visitors could follow the entire chocolate making process, step by step.

In 2009, he launched Biofekt, the first handmade, organic and fair trade bonbon range.

In 2011, Zotter fulfilled a lifelong dream and his vision of an ideal farm: everything is organic, the animals are kept free range, non-hybrid, pure products are grown and sown, energy self-sufficiency is achieved and amidst all of this, there's a restaurant where you can eat everything that grows all around you, a veritable farm to table principle.

In 2014, Zotter launched the Chocolate Theatre in Shanghai, headed by his daughter Julia. In 2015, Zotter Chocolate US was founded in Florida, managed by IT experts and Zotter fans.

Today, Zotter counts among the best and most innovative chocolate producers worldwide and employs a team 180 strong. Josef Zotter has just returned from a film shoot with cocoa farmers in Peru, via a quick stop in New York in order to represent Zotter US at the Fancy Food trade fair and now he is back in Bergl, accompanied by Julia, who is returning to Austria for good to develop more innovative products alongside her father. It marks the coming of a new generation, some fresh new ideas contributed by Julia and her brother Michael, who heads the IT department.

Even after 30 years, Josef Zotter is still not low on creative ideas.

Selection of Awards:
European Business Award
Austrian Leading Companies Audience Award
Josef-Krainer-Heimatpreis award
Zotter is counted among the top 25 chocolatiers in the world
Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015
Academy of Chocolate Award 2016
World Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2016
Brand Life Award 2016
Best Environmental Declaration 2017
Academy of Chocolate Award 2017

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