2–4 September 2018 • Olympia London • Trade Only

Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2017 - Celebrating Diversity

From start-ups to heritage brands, it's a platform for all

From family businesses passed down through the generations, to brands taking their tentative first steps; diversity is celebrated at Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2017. It's what makes the fine food sector so fresh and exciting; and why buyers eagerly return year after year.

More than 700 producers will be exhibiting at the Fair; new and established. Nearly 200 are making their debut this year including: Nutblend, Love Cocoa, Mydorable, Dr Wills, Black Mamba and Zest & Zing. At the other end of the spectrum, established speciality brands will also be showcasing. They include Walkers Shortbread, Billington's Gingerbread, The Fine Food Cheese Co. and Rombouts

Paul Hargreaves, Chief Executive of Cotswold Fayre and Speciality & Fine Food Fair Ambassador, said:

Diversity is possibly more evident at Speciality & Fine Food Fair than any other show in the annual calendar. The show is absolutely essential for those more established brands within the sector, who still focus on this show as a way of pushing their own message that they are 100% supporting the independent retailer. Also, what better platform to launch a new brand than at Speciality & Fine Food Fair.”

A springboard to success

For more 17 years, Speciality & Fine Food Fair has been the launch pad for many new and young businesses. This year sees the introduction of a new Discovery Zone - a dedicated area committed to showcasing up and coming producers.

Launching at the Fair are Bean & Pod (Stand 1318) a luxurious new brand of

beans handcrafted premium filled chocolates - in milk, white and dairy free dark. Jimmy Attias, for Bean & Pod, said the Fair was the perfect platform. "When we were deciding where to start Bean & Pod's journey, the Fair was the only choice. Not just the right marketplace for showcasing our luxury, handcrafted artisan chocolates to the right audience - it is also a fantastic celebration of an exciting sector where new and established brands complement each other."  

Gourmade  (Stand 3121) will also be launching their brand at the Fair. They are producers of readymade meals that aim to make frozen food cool again byproviding a ‘no fuss’, high quality alternative to meals made at home from scratch. 


Joanna Devenish, Co-Founder of Gourmade said: “As a dedicated foodie, I love to see new products emerging. There is always scope for innovation within the sector. This is why we’re launching Gourmade at the Fair. Consumers have increasingly high expectations and food brands have to respond accordingly, whether they are well-established or a new start up like us.” 


Olly's Olives (Stand 2210b) are launching the world's first unpasteurised snack pouch of olive with no artificial preservatives at the Fair. Olly Hiscocks, Founder, said: "Young businesses are what drive the speciality food sector forward. It brings a new perspective with innovation, branding and flavour. I am launching at the Fair because it is one of the country's best food shows and allows you to meet a whole range of people, from small delis to big stores."


Heritage matters

The Fair is also home to a host of luxury heritage brands, many of which continue to be family-owned, passed down through generations. It offers them all a chance to support the industry they are part of.

Heritage brand Quickes (Stand 1920f) are the makers of award-winning clothbound cheddar. Tom Chatfield, for Quickes, said: “The Quicke family has been farming in Devon since the reign of Henry VIII, we’re immensely proud of this rich heritage and our rootedness to the land where our cows graze. When making traditional clothbound cheddar - all new product development takes a very long time to evolve. This year we’re attending the show with some particularly exciting news and visitors will be able to sample our latest slow-food innovation that has finally come to fruition.”


Spanish food specialists Brindisa (Stand 1010) are showcasing 30 years of expertise. Monika Linton, Founder, said: “For three decades Brindisa has celebrated the varied cultures, landscapes and, above all, the exceptional cheeses, hams, meats, fish, and huge selection of other foods that Spain produces. We’re immensely proud of the discoveries that we’ve made. However, the journey of exploration never ends, there is always more to discover. That’s why it’s such an exciting sector.” 

Kara Bowen, Event Director, said:

Diversity is what makes Speciality & Fine Food Fair so special. It is exciting to see the brands that are emerging in the sector, and what new trends are coming through. It is also just as fantastic to see the wealth of experience on show - their passion and commitment to the industry serves as an inspiration."

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