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Whose Your #FoodHero?

We've been asking who your #FoodHero is to help uncover the story behind some of our favourite artisan products - it can be anything from the cow that produces the cheese, to the member of staff whose passion is crucial to the business!

We'll be highlighting more #FoodHero(s) over the next few months, so do let us know yours:
My #FoodHero for @Speciality_Food is... 

Deiniol ap Dafydd

Deiniol ap Dafydd

Blas ar Fwyd – the multi-award winning Welsh food manufacturer and wholesaler – have highlighted their founder Deiniol ap Dafydd whose mission was (and still is) to increase the availability of fine food and drink in the North Wales area.

Deiniol’s interest in food and drink started from a young age during family visits to European countries and vineyards, allowing him to acquire a depth of knowledge in the field.  Today you can find Deiniol on the road visiting customers, in the Llanrwst delicatessen suggesting wines or even in the kitchen brainstorming recipe ideas utilising artisan Welsh produce.

The Protein Ball Co.

Based in the sunny seaside town of Worthing, The Protein Ball Co. are a small team of around 20 people.

Despite having recently needed to start running a 24 hour production line in order to fulfil all their orders, every single ball that hits the shelves in shops such as Planet Organic, Holland & Barrett and Infinity Foods is hand rolled – therefore their Food Hero is (understandably) the team responsible for this feat!

Factory Team

There are many important people in the running and success of The Protein Ball Co, but without any protein balls, there would be no Protein Ball Co.  Therefore our heroes are the awesome lot who make our protein balls - our factory team.”


Easy Bean beats the drum for beans and pulses so it’s not surprising that their #FoodHero is BEANS! Available in a a myriad of shapes, colours and sizes, but always high in protein, virtually fat free and with more fibre than many wholegrains, beans are one of nature’s healthiest foods.

Fresh Beans

Christina Baskerville, the founder of the company, who originally worked as an agriculturalist in South America says: “people generally know so little about beans and pulses in the UK and yet there is such an enormous variety and nutritionally they are so good for you. I love to cook with them, probably because I have an excuse to use lots of herbs and spices. They even fertilize the soil as they grow, so you could say superfood and superplant!”

Chef Jon Harley

Within the engine room of The Great British Biscotti Company resides Head Chef Jon Harley, a larger-than-life baker tasked with putting the Great British into biscotti.

It was the Head Chef at an organic shop that convinced Jon to knuckle down and sign up for Catering College because he ‘clearly had a talent.’  He also taught Jon his most important life lesson; to appreciate every ingredient, treating a simple salad leaf with the same respect you might a joint of beef. 

Jon takes pride in ensuring each batch of deliciously distinct sweet and savoury biscotti flavours that showcase biscotti’s more seductive side.

Great British Biscotti Head Chef

We'll be highlighting more #FoodHero(s) over the next few month, so please do share yours on Twitter or via this form.