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3–5 September 2017 • Olympia London • Trade Only

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Habanero Lime Jelly

The Sweet Beet’s condiments have been consciously designed to deliver the ultimate flavour pairings. Our Habanero Lime Jelly uses fresh sun-ripened habanero peppers, crisp green citrus limes and ra...
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Handcrafted Marshmallows

Our handcrafted marshmallows are available in sweet or fruity flavours; natural and made with genuine fruit!
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Harbinger Rhubarb Preserve

Capturing the sweet, tangy flavour and the magnificent pink of fresh Yorkshire forced rhubarb. This beautiful pink preserve is great with thick greek yoghurt.
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Hedgerow Gin

Born & raised in the Yorkshire countryside, our Hedgerow Gin brings together the nip of crab apple, grassy nettle leaf and sloe stones with the sweet tang of rosehip, cloudy elderflowers and heady ...
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Hen Picked

The same great eggs as our Originals, Hen-Picked are really good value mixed weight boxes that might contain smaller eggs. At certain times of year you’ll find delicious pullets’ eggs in these boxe...
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high protein fruit + nuts bars

A range of high protein fruit + nuts bars: - apple-cinnamon - chia - lemon - red fruit Available in 40g singles and 3x40g multipack
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Honey Vinegar

A natural and innovative product made from honey. A unique contrast and a mysterious fusion of bittersweet flavors. An experience not to be missed. Provides a different touch to seasoning salads or...
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Honeycomb s'mores

Delicious hot or cold these marshmallow s’mores are full of flavour and energy. Perfect for a quick treat on the go, or toasted over the fire for a more (decadent) treat. Layers of fluffy marsh...
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Hot Chocolate Flakes

A selection of our premium chocolates available as delicate flakes, designed to create the perfect cup of cocoa.
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Hot Sauces & Condiments by World of Zing

Renowned as one of the UK’s leading flavour innovators, experience flavour beyond ordinary with World of Zing's new range of hot sauces and condiments. As seen on Channel 4 Sunday Brunch, GQ and...
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