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3–5 September 2017 • Olympia London • Trade Only

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Jalapeno Jam.

Combining fresh British jalapeños with cider vinegar creates this spicy sweet delight. Excellent in a burger or perfect with a cheeseboard. Ingredients: sugar, jalapeno chillies (27%), cider ...
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Jambon Blanc

The ham was for a long time a royal or reserved meal for special occasions. Very esteemed under the Roman Empire, it appeared on the tables of the emperors. In the Middle Ages, where hogs were wide...
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Jambon de Bayonne

In 1672, Louis de Froidour noted that the hams of Soule were called hams of Bayonne because they were exported by the port of Bayonne.
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Jambon maison Padouen

The Noir de Bigorre pig is a member of the Mediterranenan pig family. It lives freely in la Bigorre, its territory of origin, within the boundaries of the Hautes Pyrénées, the Gers and the Haute Ga...
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Just Crisps

Award Winning Just Crisps are 100% British. Our delicious potato crisps are hand cooked, flavoured, bagged and boxed on our farm in Staffordshire. What makes us different? Our home grown potatoes ...
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Just Roasted Peas and Beans

Always looking for new ways of delighting our customers, Just Crisps have recently launched Just Peas and Just Beans. Made with British Green Split Peas and British Fava Beans respectively, Just P...
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