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UFC Refresh Coconut Water

Coconut water is an amazing way to stay fresh so you can capture every moment of your day. Refresh is packed with 5 essential electrolytes (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and sodium). It...
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Ultimate Indian Curry Making Gift Set

Everybody loves a good curry ! And our Indian gift set gives you everything you need to make a GREAT curry at home ! Including 3 of our authentic 100% pure herb & spice cooking kits, Chicken Tikka ...
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Ultimate World Bbq Rub Selection Gift Set

This really is a flavour "Tool Box" for all cooks, rub, sprinkle, paste, baste, marinade and glaze your way around the world without leaving the kitchen ! Flavours included in this box include Chim...
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Umami Pearls

Unique range of seafood culinary butters made with mussels, oysters, butter and Dulse seaweed. A stock pot + a stock cube + a butter + a ready-to-eat-spread. 3 flavour: Dulse, Asian Infusion and ...
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Umami Powder

Umami Powder is a blend of microfine dried mushrooms and seaweed delivering concentrated natural source of glutamic acids to deliver umami flavour notes to any dish
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Umami Sea Salt PDO

Our Umami blend uses Celtic seaweed and Snowdonia shitake mushrooms, grown by a lovely man called Cynan. Winner of 3 Gold Great Taste Stars, it adds savoury depth to all dishes. Sizes available: 1...
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Umbrian lentils

Pasta & Truffles supplies Lentils (Castelluccio di Norcia variety) organically grown in the Umbrian mountains of Monteleone di Spoleto, Central Italy. With their delicately nutty taste, thin ski...
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Under Milk Wood Espresso

Our house espresso coffee, Milk Wood has won the prestigious 3 Star Gold in the Great Taste Awards 2016 at the first time of entry, and been nominated for a Golden Fork Award. Directly sourced a...
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You set the table, We Bring the Flavour! A LARGE VARIETY OF DELICIOUS DISHES READY To be served in a few seconds ! Italian traditional dishes, ready in 50 seconds in a microwave, room temperatu...
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Our unsalted crisps are carefully prepared with only the tastiest potatoes, nothing else added: no salt and no flavourings, so that you can savour the taste of good honest potatoes.
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