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2–4 September 2018 • Olympia London • Trade Only

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Yasmin’s Authentic Punjabi Curry Kit - Chicken

Yasmin’s authentic Punjabi chicken curry kit contains all the guidance you need to make traditional Punjabi chicken dishes and accompaniments in your own home, in the form of a unique recipe bookle...
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Yasmin’s Authentic Punjabi Curry Kit - Lamb

Yasmin’s authentic Punjabi lamb curry kit contains everything you need to enjoy a traditional Punjabi feast in your own home with a focus on rich and tasty lamb recipes and delicious side dishes to...
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Yasmin’s Authentic Punjabi Curry Kit - Vegetarian

Yasmin’s authentic Punjabi vegetarian curry kit provides you with the tools to make delicious and traditional vegetarian dishes in your own kitchen.  There are six recipes, a guide to tasting and u...
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Yasmin’s Recipe Kits

We are currently introducing Yasmin’s recipe kits which contain a homemade spice blend and authentic recipe card. They just require fresh ingredients to make four portions of delicious food in your...
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Yellowman Honeycomb Ice Cream

A rich dairy ice cream with the addition of crunchy yellow man honeycomb. It is the most popular flavour in the range and the favourite of anyone with a sweet tooth. The original Yellowman Honeycom...
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