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Agar Agar 500g

Vegetarian gelling agent, heat to 90 degrees and use. Gelling temperature 60 degrees. Carbohydrate, type of alga.Versatile vegetarian gelling agent that gives odourless, colourless semi gels & jell...
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Airbag Granite

Crispy pork granules made from dehydrated pork skin
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Almonds & Hazelnuts enrobed

Almonds and Hazelnuts coated with extra fine Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Nougat Cream, Salted butter, White Chocolate with Strawberry, Coconut, Banana flavours .... For Christmas, we will ha...
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Almonds and Chia Superfusion Chocolate Stuccos

Utterly nutty and intriguing on the tongue Toasted almonds and chia seeds, which pop as you bite, give a burst of texture to the smooth white chocolate top. A layer of 50% dark-mountain-milk ch...
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Arabica Coffe with crunchy almonds

A chocolate ganache made with cocoa and arabic coffee
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Award Winning Selection

Come and celebrate with us! This box of 12 chocolates contains four pieces of each of our award-winning handmade chocolates: New York (Appple & Calvados) "International Chocolate Awards British ...
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