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Hand-Dipped Chocolate Orange Slices 140g

Crystallized fruit have been a delicacy for more than 700 years, a tradition that travelled from the Orient, brought to Europe by the conquering sultans of Arabia. Our oranges are grown in Valencia...
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Hand-Scooped Chocolate = Hand Made Chocolate.

Filled chocolate wonders. Seductive individual layers are created and piled up, layer upon layer. Each layer containing its own unique flavour. Finally, they are coated with our own home-made c...
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Happy Jackson

Creme d’Or presents the world of Happy Jackson. Full of awesome sweets with bright colours, fun patterns and witty phrases – Happy Jackson is the new must–have confectionery brand, guaranteed to ma...
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Hardys Mix Boxes

A range of retro favourites in a themed box. Ideal as gifts, for parties or for enjoying on your own! (130g)
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Hazelnut Praline Truffles 175g

The best chocolate truffles just as Roald Dahl once adored. This classic praline truffle is created from a mixture of crushed roasted-hazelnuts and sugar piped into a velvety milk chocolate shell b...
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Honduras 80%

Distinctively sweet for a high percentage dark bar, this chocolate has hints of smokey molasses and allspice, balanced with subtle fruity tones. Academy of Chocolate - Silver
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Honey Aroma

Honey Aroma Flavouring
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Honeycomb Bars

Impulse range of premium honeycomb bars in 4 Mighty Fine flavours
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Honeycomb Dips 90g

Our range of handcrafted honeycomb dipped into delicious chocolate. 8 wonderfully different flavours from Lemon Tart through to Salted Caramel
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Hot Chocolate & Chai Drinks

Discover our hot chocolade & chai drinks.
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Hot Chocolate Flakes

A selection of our premium chocolates available as delicate flakes, designed to create the perfect cup of cocoa.
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