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Infused Cocoa Tea

Chocolate Cocoa Tea is fragrant tea made from roasted cocoa nibs (which chocolate is made from).Its chocolatey aroma is unbeatable to start with, and it gets even better when it gives way to a flor...
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Intensely Dark Chocolate Wafers with Zingy Mint 200g

Wafer thin dark chocolate infused with zingy Black Mitchum mint from the Hampshire estates of Sir Michael Coleman. A perfect after-dinner treat to cleanse the palate or a gentle pick-me-up during t...
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Invert Sugar

Keeps pastry products softer when substituting 10-15% sucrose with inverted sugar. It maintains moisture in icing and truffles. Antifreeze for ice cream production.
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Isomalt 'F' Refined 1kg

100% isomalt, derived from sucrose. It may be substituted for sucrose in a 1:1 ratio without changing the physical characteristics of the final product. It provides half the calories of sucrose. St...
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