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Labooko = Pure chocolate desire!

Explore the diversity of chocolate. Dark chocolate with a high content of original and regional cocoa, a variety of milk chocolates as well as incredible fruit and nut chocolates. All chocolates ar...
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Lemon, honey and speculaas

A ganache made with cocoa chocolate , citrus and species. Finished with speculaas powder
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Lily O'Brien's

Lily O’Brien’s inspired chocolates are now available to independent retailers through hf Chocolates. Every mouth-watering creation is beautifully presented & tastes delicious.
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Liquorice Aroma

50g Liquorice Aroma Suggested Dosage: 2g/kg
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London Gin Truffles 175g

London Gin is famed throughout the world as the finest of spirits. This marvellous box with Beefeaters levitating above Big Ben is a homage to a London Gin & Lemon Fizz cocktail. A dark chocolate g...
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