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TANZANIA Kilombero | Kaffir lime and lemongrass 67%, dark chocolate

Taste the unique, warm and complex sweetness balanced with bitterness and reviving freshness. A balanced texture graduially reveals intense and refreshing aromas. Taste the subtle hints of exoti...
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The Egg

The most stylish Easter ever.
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The English Chocolate Collection

A range of delicious chocolates in 6 varieties - Nutty, Caramel, Boozy, Classic, Coffee and Champagne.
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The Jewel Box 325g

In need of Luxury Chocolate Gifts, this Jewel Box is perfect for a weekend house party, a stylish dinner party or did you forget a birthday: whoops. Our dream is for our boxes never to be discarded...
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Toasted Pistachios Chocolate Bar 85g

Prestat’s finest creamy white chocolate is the platform for the delicately nutty but tremendously more-ish flavour of toasted pistachios. This is a chocolate bar to relax with, nibble a piece and e...
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Toffee vanilla and coconut Dacquoise nougat

A small masterpiece with french inspiration evocative flavors and soft aromas on one nougat.
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Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy

We have distributed Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy in the UK & Europe since 2004 and this is now firmly recognised as the Number One sour product in the market place. Available in a number...
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