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Vegetable Setting Powder

Vegetarian alternative to gelatine made from carrageen and carob bean gum. Produces transparent water based gels.
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Velvety Milk Chocolate Wafers English Earl Grey Tea 200g

To make these superb milk chocolate wafer-thins we first infuse Earl Grey tea in cocoa butter and then add a dash of bergamot oil. One of our biggest sellers, these wafer-thins have become an Engli...
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Victorian Jars

Victorian Jars packed with Old time favourites, Lovehearts, Refreshers, Fruit Salads etc. Available in 2 sizes fully branded
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VIETNAM Ben Tre 50%, dark milk chocolate

Each piece includes an unforgettable, rich, full-bodied aroma of caramel and summer honey that will sweep you away to sunny meadows full of flowers and humming bees. Slowly melting chocolate gra...
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VIETNAM Ben Tre 70%, dark chocolate

The delicate combination of coffee flavor and subtle aroma of sun-kissed red berries: strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant are a treat that will sweep you away to uncharted edges of taste. A per...
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