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Food Blogger / Social Influencer




Alla creates easy step-by-step video tutorials that make it convenient for anybody to make great dishes at home. Alla is originally from Latvia, where she grew up in a town called Daugavpils. She developed her passion for food when she was a little girl cooking at her mother’s and grandmothers side.

At a very young age Alla left Latvia to live in Great Britain, where she learned to love, appreciate and blend the flavours of British Cuisine along with her own Russian & Latvian roots.

Alla has worked for top catering company Alison Price, hosting private events for 200-500 people. She graduated from one of the top ranked universities worldwide (London School of Economics) followed by Professional Chef and Intermediate Pastry Courses at Westminster College in London. Her love and passion for food made her start her own cooking channel Allasyummyfood, Private Dinner Parties and Cooking Classes.