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All you can Eat: Intellectual Property for Foodies

When & Where

14:30 - 15:15, Tuesday 5th September 2017


Food for Thought


Eamon Chawke


The session will include an overview of the different categories of intellectual property rights, but will focus on three key areas:
(1) trade mark protection for food and beverage brands (including identifying pitfalls to avoid at the outset);
(2) identifying and capturing the copyright and other intellectual property in valuable information and materials (including tricky areas like protecting the shape and design of packaging and protecting recipes and other internal know-how, trade secrets and confidential information); and
(3) the importance of contracts as a means of protecting intellectual property (particularly in the case of non-registrable types of intellectual property such as copyright, unregistered designs rights and confidential information).
The session will also look at the essential areas of licensing (making money from IP) and enforcement (preventing infringement of IP).